Tri State’ Winning Strategy Delivers
Better Outcomes

Discover How Tri State Jumpstarts Your Business’ Visibility

When it comes time to get results, our Tri State experts know how to rush the field. We go live and in-person to connect with consumers. That’s how we get your goals on the scoreboard faster. Our people work closely with yours to design a game plan that centers on the best locations, messages, and times to attract your targeted consumer base. Each of our executives has the instinct and incentive to get you the results you want.

There’s more to direct marketing than scoring sales wins. We focus on building relationships with the people you want to reach. We want them to feel confident in the value they’ll receive from what you offer. By speaking with them in-person, we not only present what you are offering, but we can also answer their questions and give them more reason to say yes.

Tri State Offers
the Representation You Need

At Tri State, we want you to see winning sales and marketing results. Our executives represent sports teams, cosmetics lines, and entertainment services. We create traffic increases that enhance the reputations of the businesses we serve.

Behind our approach is our signature training and coaching program. It ensures that your services will be dependably represented. Our learning opportunities are offered across the U.S., providing team members with the professional development they need to confidently speak on your behalf.

Customer Satisfaction Is Tri State’ Driving Mission

Our Tri State executives take their jobs seriously, which is why we take the time to understand your business model from top to bottom. Doing so ensures that we know how best to get people to attend your sports game, stay at your hotel, or try your product.

Our culture thrives from giving back to our

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