In general, jobseekers who don’t ask questions cause hiring managers to lose confidence. When we evaluate potential additions to Team Tri State, we’re most likely to be impressed by candidates who do the following things.

Those who want to join our team should prepare questions that display their knowledge of Tri State. If it’s obvious that someone has done research on our company culture, key projects, and main competitors, we know he or she is committed to making a positive impact.

It’s also impressive when a jobseeker seems to have his or her interviewer in mind when asking questions. This reflects an extensive amount of preparation, but it also shows that the person is interested in getting an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to work here. It’s always helpful to know that a candidate is already thinking about being a good cultural fit.

Framing questions as though they expect to be hired is also a good way for candidates to set themselves apart during interviews. This strategy only works if a person is well prepared, but it definitely leaves a lasting impression. It shows that the person is ready to make an impact from day one, and that he or she has the confidence to thrive.

These practices help jobseekers make strong impressions that stick with hiring managers. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter