What makes someone a champion? Our Tri State experts profess that it’s not always having the best skills or talent that gets people into the winners’ circle. Often, it’s what they do mentally to prepare themselves for success. Here are three practices you can put in place today that will improve your odds of success in reaching your objectives:


  • Write Down Goals Everyday: At Tri State, we realize that repetition is the secret to more wins. Therefore, we recommend writing down goals daily. By repeating that same goal over and over, you’re reaffirming your desire to accomplish the tasks needed to reach it. It stays at the forefront of your mind, not to be forgotten. Try this for a week and see how much more committed you are to reach that finish line.


  • Remember There Is No I in Team: When we’re working together as a team to complete a campaign, our Tri State executives focus on what we’re accomplishing as a single unit – not as individual pieces of the puzzle. Teams need to be free from individual agendas to collaborate effectively, listen to each other, and be open to opportunities.


  • Get Your Game Face on First Thing in the Morning: Positivity is critical when you’re goal-oriented. Allow time each morning to meditate and harness your energies.


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