“Maintaining a positive team atmosphere is one of my main goals for Tri State,” declared Paul, our firm’s CEO. “I’ve made it a priority to get our team members together away from the office on a regular basis to strengthen their personal bonds. Collaboration around our office has definitely improved as a result.”

Our weekly team nights include everything from dinners at our favorite restaurants to taking part in philanthropic events. We also play sports together, letting our competitive sides out with basketball games and rounds of Frisbee golf. All these bonding experiences are fun, but we also want to have bragging rights around the Tri State office.”

The more we get together away from work, the better we become at understanding each other’s unique talents and personality traits. This results in streamlined communication as we work toward our firm’s biggest goals. From there, our teamwork also becomes more focused.

Paul continued, “Our overall culture is actually much like that of a sports team. Team members push each other to do better but are also very supportive in the process. In other words, our account managers really look out for one another as they chase their biggest individual goals. By doing so, they help us make faster progress toward our company objectives.”

Our team culture gives us a true competitive advantage in the marketplace. Follow Tri State on Twitter to receive updates on our group activities.