It shouldn’t take much effort to keep a team of motivated professionals engaged in their work. That’s our belief here at Tri State HQ, which we’ve arrived at through experience. We back up this opinion with the following simple strategies that keep our representatives feeling inspired:

• Leveraging Competition: We stoke our team members’ competitive fires to keep them on the right track toward achieving their goals. By putting travel incentives and other rewards on the line, we give them something tangible for which to strive. They consistently bring out the best in each other as they compete.

• Reinforcing Core Values: Reminding our team members of our core Tri State principles is another way to keep them fully engaged and performing at their best. We recognize our representatives when their actions align with company values. Knowing that they’ll be rewarded for setting the right example inspires people to continue upholding key principles.

• Listening: Giving team members voices that matter is one of the best ways to keep them focused on their work. We listen to their concerns and ideas without judging or interrupting them. Our doors (and ears) are always open so that our brand experts can be heard whenever necessary.

We use these strategies to ensure strong engagement from every member of our team. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin