Tri State is known for promoting a range of sports and entertainment companies, but we’re proud to say we’ve added a new campaign in the cosmetics industry to our portfolio. Paul, our firm’s CEO, stated, “Along with this cosmetics campaign, we’re also adding two new sports teams to our current rewards package program. It’s definitely an exciting time to be a member of Team Tri State.”

Promoting new partners to the community is exciting for us because we have more opportunities for advancement. There are also more territories for expansion on the table with every addition to our portfolio.

Paul added, “This kind of growth gives our team members more well-rounded training as well. Along with learning about a specific product, they also sharpen their communication and research skills as they focus on reaching a new set of consumers. It’s definitely a valuable learning moment, because adding a different type of company challenges our people’s skills in fresh ways.”

For our CEO, building our portfolio by serving new industries gives us more reason to collaborate. He stated, “Teamwork has always been a point of emphasis around the Tri State office. When our people wrap their minds and skills around a challenging campaign, they get better at fusing their talents to reach common goals.”

We’re ready to make the most of the potential our new campaign brings. Follow us on Twitter for updates on our continuing growth.