We’ve always used friendly competition as a way to inspire great performances throughout the Tri State office. Recently, our team members squared off against each other in a fun contest that got their competitive juices flowing.

Paul, our firm’s CEO, explained, “Our March Madness tournament inspired everyone on our team to take their performance up a notch. Account managers who posted the best results advanced to the next round, with a $500 cash prize up for grabs. This was a great way to build morale around Tri State HQ, but it also helps our account managers become stronger collaborators. Seeing each other perform under pressure helps our people appreciate their unique talents even more.”

We enjoy all kinds of team activities that bring us closer together. Everything from bowling nights to theme dinners helps us learn more about each other as people. When we come back to the office, we’re freshly inspired to tackle the biggest challenges our industry can present.

Travel incentives also help us build stronger bonds while we sharpen our professional skills. We attend conferences, networking events, and educational visits to other successful offices. Every time we venture far from home, we gain a clearer perspective on what makes our work so innovative.

The March Madness event brought out the best in our account managers. Learn more about our team culture by following Tri State on Twitter.