Do you ever wonder why some people are so popular and genuinely admired? Our Tri State professionals suggest that it’s what they do that gives others reason to smile. If your ambition is to be in the well-liked club, try these practices:


  • Do Someone a Five-Minute Favor: Here’s a favorite tip from our Tri State’ experts. Take five minutes and do something for someone else that will brighten his or her day. It could be a random act of kindness, writing a testimonial for a favorite restaurant or business, or even making a call to help someone get a job interview. If it’s in your power to make a difference quickly, the small effort will ultimately be worth it.


  • Let Others Be the Center of Attention: Our Tri State executives strongly recommend that whenever the opportunity arises, you shine the spotlight on others. Acknowledge their accomplishments or ask questions that allow them to be the center of attention in a positive way. This is especially important in a networking setting.


  • Look at the Entire Picture Before Reacting: The most likable people are those who aggregate all the facts before reacting to situations. This is a sign of sincere emotional intelligence that is prized in admired individuals.


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