Success breeds success, and at Tri State, we’re enjoying the opportunities that come from delivering results. We’ve built a solid reputation in the Newark area for exceeding expectations for the sports teams and other businesses we represent. Our popularity precedes us and we’re now ready to grow again.

Our Tri State President, Paul M., recently announced that we’ll be expanding our executive lineup. “The results from our approach are driving us to open new markets. With these new markets, our team members have incredible opportunity for growth.”

We’re excited for two reasons. First, several members of our current Tri State team are going to have a chance to move into leadership positions. Second, we’ll be adding on new team members who can pick up the ball and keeping running as we grow into new markets.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a champion in direct sales? Our executives are hard-working, fun-loving people who share an enthusiasm for sports and sales alike. We take teamwork quite seriously, which means we are looking for individuals who like to huddle and collaborate on exciting new campaigns. Our proven coaching program means our newest associates learn from the best. This has been our gameplay from the start and we never cease to score wins because of it.

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