Team Tri State recently ventured to Dallas, Texas for a leadership and networking conference. It was a great opportunity to get out of our comfort zones and become more open-minded by interacting with successful people from all across the country.

Paul, our firm’s CEO, explained, “While in Dallas, our account managers attended keynote speeches from top leaders in the customer acquisition world. Not only were they inspired, but the insights our people gained from these speakers acted as great networking icebreakers. It was a productive tip we’ll try to replicate with our next team excursion, which isn’t too far away.”

Learning new ways to approach sales and marketing campaigns is one of the main reasons we attend events such as the Dallas conference. We discussed best practices and some emerging techniques we’ll be able to try around the Tri State office. Being around so many accomplished people helped us understand the many different paths we can take to arrive at winning outcomes.

The most important strategy we use at every networking event is to simply listen. We ask open-ended questions to keep potential contacts talking, knowing the answers we receive will open doors to meaningful connections. By showing interest in other people’s current projects and future goals, we return home with wider networks of helpful contacts.

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