Having a culture that truly values great ideas has helped us push Tri State to great heights of success. We use the following strategies to ensure that our idea-focused work environment stays strong as we continue to surpass our growth goals:

• Making Ideation a Regular Thing: We have brainstorming sessions that bring the most innovative notions to the fore. Rather than count on people to come forward when they have great ideas, we go further by bringing our team members together in a spirit of free exchange.

• Listening to Everyone’s Input: If you expect to get the very best ideas your team has to offer, you can’t afford to overlook anyone. We prioritize hearing every team member’s input around the Tri State office, knowing that breakthrough solutions could come from anyone at any given time. The key consideration is getting rid of any kind of hierarchy when it comes to ideation.

• Recognizing the Best Ideas: Offering recognition is a fine way to incentivize innovative thinking. When our representatives contribute winning ideas, we make sure to provide them with public appreciation of some kind. In our experience, this leads to a more inspired team of forward-thinking people.

We’re using these strategies to put the best ideas on a pedestal. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter