Around the Tri State office, our leaders encourage us to continue growing and developing day in and day out. Keeping growth mind-sets is the best way to ensure that these things happen. Paul, our firm’s CEO, stated, “There’s always something new to learn, especially in an evolving industry like ours. I want our team members to focus on improving their skill sets no matter how much they achieve in their careers.”

Coaching plays a big role in our team’s ongoing development. Paul added, “Each team member is paired with a mentor who can help him or her through the training program. The coaches within our firm encourage people along their learning paths, helping them build on their unique strengths.”

Taking on new challenges is one of the surest ways to maintain a growth mind-set. The more knowledge and skill we acquire by pursuing ambitious projects, the more value we have to give to Tri State and to our colleagues. With the confidence we build by tackling big challenges, we’re better equipped to devise innovative business-direct marketing.

We also keep growth-focused mentalities by being open to feedback. Listening to input from teammates and supervisors helps us home in on our strongest points and identify areas of weakness, which inspires us to improve each day.

Our shared commitment to constant improvement is a key driver of our continuing success. Like Tri State on Facebook to learn more about our focused developmental efforts.