Travel incentives are key parts of the Tri State work environment. We qualify for these excursions by performing at consistently high levels. There are two such events coming up in the near future – a California cruise in July and a Dallas conference in August.

Paul, our firm’s CEO, stated, “The southern California cruise is a prestigious event that will feature the top leaders from across the nation. Our standout performers will be able to interact with all kinds of influencers when they’re at sea. During the Dallas conference, our attendees will listen to keynote speeches from successful innovators and network with peers from all around the country.”

The learning potential that conferences offer makes them worthwhile investments for Tri State. Paul stated, “There are breakout sessions on all kinds of important topics at a typical conference, but the ability to interact with high achievers from all corners of our industry makes them even more valuable. The simple act of spending time around so many accomplished people is remarkably inspiring.”

During the cruise and the Dallas gathering, our hand-selected team members will have plenty of chances to build their networks. This means new sources of trusted career advice, but it also brings fresh motivation. Paul noted, “After any big industry function, our team members come back to the Tri State office ready to apply what they’ve learned to streamline our processes. It’s always fun to watch.”

We’re excited to find out who qualifies for these exciting travel incentives. Follow us on Twitter for updates on all our excursions.