RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – Going into the New Year, the management team reflected on some of the top achievements from this past year and what can be expected in 2018 both professionally and on a personal level.

“Our success with our sports campaigns has given us the opportunity to add a brand new division this past year which was a major highlight,” said Paul M., the CEO. “Working with a Fortune 500 company like Verizon introduces diversity in the type of audience we can reach.”

“Even after ten years in this industry I’m constantly learning something new,” Paul M. said. “A key takeaway from this past year was accountability and the importance of holding others accountable.”

Paul M. further discussed his vision for the new Verizon division and team members who will continue to drive it forward. He mentioned how one of the Account Managers, Tom C., shows a lot of promise in leading the Verizon team in the New Year.

“Tom is someone who has experience running a business which has given him a lot of momentum from the beginning,” Paul M. said. “His level of maturity and ability to get results make him a power player on the team.”

Paul M.’s professional goal for 2018 is to further establish the Verizon campaign and leading it to rank among the top five offices in the nation. His personal goal is to work on his fitness, and finish the basement in his beautiful new home.

In his first year as a manager, Paul B. summarized the past year as being one of immense growth. He elaborated on some of the lessons learned and outlined what his goals are moving forward.

“The highlight of 2017 for me was being promoted into management,” Paul B. said. “I have always kept my eye on the prize, and my ability to maintain my vision and why I started this journey in the first place would be the primary lesson that I hope to uphold not just in the New Year, but throughout my career.”

Paul B. mentioned that the key players on his team are the ones who will set the foundation for a strong 2018. He featured Ryan B., Alec L., and Anthony M. as being the three integral team leaders that demonstrate they have the skill set to grow quickly within the company.

“Ryan has been tested professionally and personally throughout his career at Tri State and has always maintained an incredibly positive attitude,” Paul B. said. “I see a lot of myself in Alec and Anthony because of their ability to take initiative and display maturity even at a young age.”

Paul B.’s goals professionally are to elevate the sports campaign to ranking among the top five in the nation. He also is striving to promote one of his team members into management by the end of this year. His personal goals are to buy the car of his dreams and move into his own home in 2018.

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