RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – With their proven success in increasing brand awareness for their sports clientele, Tri State has expanded their portfolio with the addition of a Fortune 500 client in the telecommunications industry. As a result, they have hired new team members to represent them who have already made an impact on the company.

“Having a client in a new industry makes our services transferable to a wider variety of markets across the country,” said Paul M., the CEO. “It has also diversified our marketing team which has sparked rising stars to emerge like Tom C. and Steve W.”

Tom and Steve from the Telecommunications Team were selected to attend a National Conference in Dallas, TX where they were able to meet and congregate with teams from other affiliated offices. They discussed their experiences with Tri State; some highlights from the Dallas, TX meeting, and their advice to new team members in the future.

Prior to joining Tri State, Steve was playing for the Triangle Razorbacks- an international football team in Europe. When the season ended, he returned to the United States and embarked on obtaining a full time position with a competitive company.

“My background in athletics and my sports minded mentality attracted me to work with Tri State,” Steve said. “The team atmosphere is definitely the best part about working with this company.”

Steve commented that he was unsure of what to expect approaching the conference in Dallas, but he was looking forward to seeing the bigger picture of the opportunity the company offered and meeting some of the top performers within the organization.

“I was inspired and motivated when I saw that being successful in the Management Training Program requires only a little bit of skill and a lot of dedication,” Steve said. “It was helpful to meet some of the Managing Partners from other markets across the country and putting into perspective that I can easily become one of them if I continue doing what I’m doing.”

Tom also weighed in on his interpretation of the networking event and his thoughts on being a part of the Tri State team. A former project estimator for a construction company, Tom wanted to pursue a growth opportunity when he realized that he had reached a plateau in that position. He mentioned how he was attracted to the company because of the challenging nature of the position.

“Being a part of the Telecommunications Team for the last few months has been a challenging and dynamic opportunity,” Tom said. “Networking with those who have completed the program at the Dallas conference was truly eye opening and showed me how attainable growth is within the company.”

“Something that resonated with me while I was there was that up to this point I’ve been razor focused on my own goals daily,” Tom said. “Moving forward, I’m shifting my focus to new team members that I’m training and making sure they are reaching their daily goals.”

Both Steve and Tom touched on advice they would offer to newer team members just starting out in the Management Training Program. “Give it time and trust the process,” Steve said. “If you believe strongly in yourself, no one can tell you otherwise.”

“This opportunity separates the weak from the strong when it comes to mentality,” Tom said. “Be dedicated, disciplined, and work hard every single day and you’ll continue growing.”


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