We know how important public speaking skills are, which is why we emphasize them in our Tri State training program. We also understand that getting past the fear of speaking in front of an audience is a common challenge for professionals. Whenever we feel anxiety about going onstage to deliver a speech, we remember the following simple concepts that boost our confidence.

The first thing we remember is that the focus belongs on the message we want to share with our listeners. Rather than think about how we’ll be perceived when we’re at the podium, we harness our nervous energy into delivering the most compelling message possible. If we focus on the value we have to offer, we’re much more likely to maximize it.

Another good way to reframe any anxiety over public speaking is to think of every presentation as a conversation rather than a performance. When we represent Tri State in front of an audience, we imagine that we’re talking with friends in our living rooms. The idea is to connect with people – not to impress them with our expertise.

We also remind ourselves to speak from the heart every time we take the stage. By being our authentic selves, we increase the odds of making real connections with audience members. We aren’t afraid to use a bit of humor to be more relatable to our listeners, either.

These techniques have considerably aided our public speaking confidence. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter