The importance of a diverse network of helpful contacts is hard to overstate, which is why we emphasize networking skills in our Tri State ongoing development efforts. Here are a few strategies we take into industry events to maximize networking potential.

We begin by forming a specific purpose for every excursion, because we know we can’t afford to waste any time. If we know what types of contacts we want to add, our research before the event will be a bit different than if our main goal is to sharpen our interpersonal skills by meeting people.

Being prepared isn’t just a matter of researching the guest list for an event; it also means that we have some good icebreakers and responses in mind. We create compelling elevator pitches that establish our unique value, but we also plan interesting responses to some of the most common networking questions. Our goal is to stick in potential contacts’ minds by providing answers that reveal intriguing things and help uncover common ground.

Following up is an essential part of any successful networking strategy. We reach out through email or a phone call within a day of meeting a new contact, being sure to reiterate the value we can offer as members of Team Tri State. Our follow-up efforts don’t stop with one message; we make a point of checking in regularly with our new contacts.

We keep these points in mind as we add to our Tri State contact lists. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Twitter