The importance of a diverse network of helpful contacts is tough to overstate. We add to our Tri State contact lists at all types of industry functions, putting these simple strategies into action to improve our efficiency.

We do our best to get inspired before we attend any event with networking potential. If we know what types of people we want to connect with and how we can help each other achieve our goals, we’re better equipped to make positive impressions. We try to focus on making the best use of our time and the people with whom we interact.

When we actually meet with a potential contact, we offer up a warm smile and a thoughtful question. We’ve found that jumping right into the value we can provide to a person is a great place to start. Doing so lets our possible connections know that we’re invested in forging mutually beneficial relationships.

Following up with new contacts is an essential part of any successful networking strategy. We recognize this here at Tri State HQ, which is why we reach out to our fresh connections within a day of meeting them. By including a few specific notes from our conversations, we increase the chances of a productive professional bond.

These concepts make our networking efforts more productive. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin