It’s much easier to make a positive impression as a speaker if you can control your nerves. We’ve learned this through our Tri State presenting experiences, along with helpful insights from public speaking experts. Here are a few strategies we’ve discovered for confidently giving presentations:

• Focusing on the Value We’re Offering: Rather than allow ourselves to get sidetracked by thinking about how the audience sees us, we focus on the unique value we can provide through our speeches. We make enlightening listeners our primary goal every time we go to the podium.

• Seizing the Opportunity: Even if we’ve had somewhat disappointing experiences onstage in the past, we leave them behind each time we give a speech. Every time we get behind the microphone is a new opportunity to represent Tri State to the best of our ability and sharpen our own reputations as presenters.

• Being Ourselves: We want our authentic personalities to come through whenever we speak in front of an audience. With that in mind, we typically engage in some quick meditation right before we walk onto the stage. Having positive thoughts in mind is enough to center ourselves and make lasting impressions on audience members.

Keeping these things in mind helps us deliver speeches with more confidence. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Linkedin