RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – The team networked with professionals who have spent the majority of their career working in the cosmetics industry and received in depth product training during their time there.

Natalie K., one of Tri State’s top Account Managers, has been spearheading the implementation of the cosmetics campaign since the week she spent training in Washington, D.C. She outlined her background, her impressions of the product launch, and goals moving forward.

Natalie is a graduate from East Stroudsburg University with a major in Communications and concentration in Public Relations. As a student athlete on the softball team, her sports oriented mindset and team mentality initially attracted her to work at Tri State.

“I really came into my own throughout my college career,” Natalie said. “Being a student athlete taught me about discipline and maintaining a strong work ethic; so the transition to working with Tri State immediately after graduating was a smooth one for me.”

“I loved the environment from the moment I started,” Natalie said. “However, it’s the skills that are independent of the campaigns we run that are most valuable; mainly public speaking and interpersonal communication with customers.”

The management staff took notice of Natalie’s consistency and drive early on in her career at Tri State. Paul B., Natalie’s manager, selected her to oversee the Washington, D.C. trip and insure the team was maximizing their time training there.

“Natalie hit the ground running with the sports promotions,” Paul said. “Her success had a lot more to do with the intangible skills she possessed than it did with the type of product, so she was a clear front runner for assisting me in launching this new venture.”

Natalie spoke about the highlights and primary aspects of the training she received on the cosmetics product launch that she is looking forward to implementing at Tri State.

“After six months of being with the company, I began feeling really comfortable with the systems we were taught to the point where I felt like I had it all figured out,” Natalie said. “Traveling to another office opened my eyes and reminded me that I still have so much to learn in this industry- there’s really never a point where I’ll stop learning.”

“One major takeaway from the training was that there are a lot of moving parts associated with the cosmetics line pertaining to inventory management,” Natalie said. “I noticed that with this particular campaign, it requires even more structure and methodological habits to insure that everything can run smoothly.”

When introducing a new campaign that is novel to the team at Tri State, Natalie emphasized the importance of everyone on the team taking initiative and holding each other accountable.

“There needs to be individual and collective accountability,” Natalie said. “Even though the nature of the campaign is new, the strategies we have all been taught are extremely similar; so everyone on our team is capable of being just as successful as long as they transfer the skills learned from the sports campaign to promoting the cosmetics line.”

“The primary difference between the sports campaigns that we are accustomed to and the cosmetics campaign is obviously the product itself,” Natalie said. “Aside from that, there is more of a conversational approach when communicating with customers and a necessity to buildquick relationships with consumers even more efficiently than before.”

Moving forward, Natalie mentioned that her goals are concentrated on providing hands on product training to the rest of the team members and leading by example when it comes to rolling out the cosmetics campaign.

“This is all new to me as well, so I’m really excited to continue learning how to master this in the same way I was able to with our sports clients,” Natalie said. “More than that- I am really looking forward to helping others diversify their skills and reach their full potential within the company.”